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Frequently Asked Questions — FAQ

What are small homes called?

The small homes located on the same property as your primary housing unit are called ADUs, which is short for accessory dwelling units. These residences can be utilized for many different purposes, including guest housing, renting assets, working places, and more. Each ADU has to be built according to state and local laws and follow zoning regulations. ADUs can be constructed from scratch, converted from other property structures, or prefabricated and assembled on the lot.

Can you permanently live in a tiny home?

As ADUs are considered in-law dwellings, it is possible to live in them permanently. Each ADU must have all the necessary utility connections and appliances that are needed for proper living. What is more, ADUs have to be safe and built according to the zoning regulations stated by the local government.

What are the two different types of ADUs?

The two main types of ADUs are detached and attached ones. The first type of ADU has no connection to the main housing and has its own entrance and specific set of zoning rules. Such ADUs are often called backyard cottages. The second type is an ADU that has a common wall with the primary residence; they might also share one of the entrances and utility connections.

What is the difference between an ADU and a guest house?

An ADU is no different from a guest house, as all the ADUs can be turned into a place for guest accommodation. The most suitable guest housing type of ADUs is the detached one. It provides more privacy both to your visitors and to yourself while still allowing you to be close to your loved ones all the time.

Is an ADU a good investment?

All kinds of ADUs add value to your property, which can be very beneficial when you are planning to sell the house. What is more, ADUs can become a potential source of rental income, as they are attractive options for renters who are on a budget. ADUs can also be designed in a variety of ways, which allows you to create a good functional space on your property.

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At ADU Builders Bay Area, we bring your construction visions to life. Our expertise lies in crafting ADUs, complete home renovations, and initiating new builds for both residential and commercial spaces. Our dedicated team prioritizes swift, accurate solutions customized to your requirements.

Our commitment to dependable craftsmanship, professionalism, and meticulous attention to detail is highly valued by our clients. Leveraging our deep industry experience, we efficiently address and resolve potential obstacles for seamless project completion. Proudly displaying our certifications and recognitions, we eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next project.


ADU Builder Bay Area

When you have a smaller house, family members might get uncomfortable with living in limited conditions. Having enough space for each person to enjoy their time at home becomes a bigger problem when there are grown-up children coming over or elderly relatives moving in with you. Buying a whole new apartment, let alone a house, can be quite expensive, especially in the modern economy.

So, what should you do when more living space is needed, and the resources are limited? Building an accessory dwelling unit can help. These affordable tiny houses have less square footage than your primary house, but still, they provide you with more space for living. Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are located on the same lot as the main house. Sometimes ADUs are also called granny flats, carriage houses, in-law units, and laneway houses.

Being one of the affordable housing options, accessory dwelling units still require a lot of work to be constructed. Handing the project to the professionals at ADU Builders Bay Area can help homeowners to create perfect backyard cottages that comply with all of the legal rules. Contact our specialists right now and start developing your own ADU project.

ADU Types to Build

Property owners who wish to have a tiny house on their lot should learn about the types of ADUs that can be built. Depending on the structure of your primary residence, specific property features, and future purposes of the ADU, the secondary suites can vary in size and attachment to the main living space.

In many residential areas, you can construct one of the following accessory dwelling units:

This is one of the housing choices with a separate entrance. Such a stand-alone unit can be used as an additional sleeping space for your single-family home or as a rental place for tenants.

Homeowners can also build accessory apartments that are connected to the primary housing. Such construction usually has a common wall with the main home and can share a bathroom and front door entrance.

Another kind of affordable housing is internal ADU, which is often considered a part of attached ADUs. They are made out of existing space inside the housing, and a homeowner can create a separate entrance for it as well.

For those who need an extension of some rooms inside the house, having a bump-out attached can really help. Such construction is often used for bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom renovations.

If you are interested in building an ADU but do not have much free space on your lot, ADU conversions can be a great solution. This housing unit can be detached or attached, and it is made by converting other structures on your lot, like a garage or a basement.

With the right type of accessory dwelling unit, you will be able to create a functional zone on your property, which would provide more living areas as well as add value to your housing. In many cities, ADUs have already become a must for homeowners with the property.

Specificities of ADU Construction

Having a new construction on your land always comes with some kind of legal requirements, as any building has to be registered by law. Country and regional entities regulate multiple aspects of building an ADU and implementing it as a housing unit. And before you start financing an ADU project, it is better to learn all of your local ordinances as well.

Before creating an accessory dwelling unit, make sure that you have taken into account the following things:

  1. To receive the official permit, ADUs must comply with local zoning regulations and other jurisdictions. Homeowners who do not have much experience with property laws are recommended to contact specialists whose area of interest is in country legislation and laws of particular cities.
  2. Secondary units are obliged to have all the utilities, like electricity, heating, and plumbing. Resources for this must be planned in advance and in accordance with the architectural plans.
  3. Two dwellings on the same land will surely increase the value of your property; however, with more housing, property taxes increase. What is more, your house insurance can cost more as well.

Another thing to consider is the fact that your accessory dwelling unit will be built right next to your primary housing. It means that for the period of construction, you will have to deal with noise and materials placed everywhere in your backyard daily. If this disturbs the peaceful life of your family, it is better to find a temporary apartment or rental housing.

All of these points can affect your financial resources and the time spent on construction. To avoid any mistakes and get everything done as soon as possible, hire professional contractors at ADU Builders Bay Area. Following all of the zoning regulations and other local laws, our team will make sure that everything is done appropriately.

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Advantages of Having an ADU

Although there are some limitations that come with building accessory dwelling units, the list of benefits is much longer. If you are interested in the advantages that secondary units can bring, read further.

Here are some of the benefits that ADU owners get to enjoy:

If you want to enjoy ADU benefits to their fullest, get skilled specialists at ADU Builders Bay Area to construct a perfect ADU for you. Make your family happy with more living zones and improve your position in the housing market.


Why Choose ADU Builders Bay Area?

All types of ADU require professional supervision, at least on some steps of the construction. And when planning is done under the control of people who know local regulations and specific features of building ADUs in different cities, the officials permit ADUs much faster. Therefore, the quality of ADU depends on the contractor team working on it.

Here, at ADU Builders Bay Area, we create the finest ADUs that are great for housing your family, friends, or renters. With years of experience in the ADU industry, our company has gained a good reputation not only in the local area but in other cities as well. By delivering plans according to all the zoning regulations and creating safe and secure ADUs, we have managed to gain the love of our customers and the respect of competitors.

Each ADU is created with attention to every little detail. All the wishes and preferences for the ADU that you and your family might have are taken into account and carefully incorporated into the project. We make sure that each step of the process is agreed upon by both sides so that no unexpected changes are made.

If you are looking for skilled and knowledgeable professionals to work on your ADU, the ADU Builders Bay Area team is ready to offer its high-quality services. Contact our ADU planning representatives now and get closer to creating the ADU of your dreams.

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